I believe in experiential learning to grow your (personal) leadership. This is congruent with the youngest scientific insights how people learn best. All the courses I deliver use experiential learning and offer you practical tools that you can use immediately in your everyday life. This way leadership does not stay a nice theory, but becomes an art that you can use immediately to impact your world in a conscious way. If you want to know more about any of the courses below, don't hesitate to connect with me. I would love to tell you more.


Moniek de Boer and I have founded Lemniscaap to support every medical doctor in consciously and pro-actively taking responsibility to influence health care in their own unique way to be able to work with passion and joy. This is Medical Leadership.  We do this by supporting medical doctors through training, coaching, generating discussion and writing articles.

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Co-Active Leadership

The Co-Active Institute (CTI: is an institute specialising in leadership development that has created revolutionary leadership models, based on modern leadership filosophies and - theories. They have started out as the first and biggest international coach training institute and have evolved into  leadership development, of which coaching is an important element.

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Other Co-operations

On an ad hoc basis I also co-operate with other leadership developers.

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"I now have more insight into who I am, what I do and about my impact. Angelique has supported me in connecting things and she comes to the core very quick."

Allard M.

"I have been able to let go of my original scepsis about 'leadership'. Angelique had made me practice with my 'framework conditions' in service of my now transparant, good-functioning leadership"

Jan Jaap K

"Angelique helped me to regain confidence in myself and thereby confidence in the future. Already after 1 session she had me back on my feet, as I could experience my own power again. From there we could start to build."

Anja S.

"Angelique has the ability to hear the deeper layer underneath of what I am saying and gets to the core fast. She has helped me dissect the values and meanings that are at the basis of my decisions. "

Phyllis G.

"Angelique brings an intense yet light energy that is full of acceptance and possibility, not leaving things to luck but ensuring everything is tied and ready for whatever my next step is"

Marisa V.

"Angelique moves along with the flow, focuses on underlying psychological patterns and does not only teach you some 'tricks'. She supports you to get deeper insights and has heightened my consciousness about how to use my own (healthy) strengths. Her true enthusiasm and acknowledgements have supported me in believing in myself more."

C. Vos

"I have experienced Angeliques' coaching as supportive, inspiring, steering and engaging. Especially to make certain aspects expressed in different ways (with my body, with drawings, with metaphores, etc) has helped me a lot in creating structure in my chaotic situation. "