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Soul power versus will power

Soulpower or willpower?

Linked in article November 9, 2018

We have often reached quite some goals in life by motivating ourselves through will power: “Come on, get yourself together, you can do this!”, “Power up” and many similar phrases.

The down side of this is that in my coaching practice I see people that have become (almost) burnt out by powering up because they think they ‘have to’ and they don’t know any other way.

Did you ever have the experience when you could not stop yourself doing something and it gave you energy instead of using it, when time did not matter? I call this doing something from ‘soul power’ instead of ‘will power’. 

Finding your ‘soul power’ will give you wings: it will motivate you in a way that is exhilarating instead of exhausting, energy giving instead of energy costing, fun instead of a duty. 

This means motivating yourself from within: from your inner drivers, like: values, life purpose and vision.

Your values are ‘one’s judgment of what is important in life’ (Oxford dictionary) and also ‘the energetic drivers of our aspirations and intentions’ (Richard Barrett). When you live in congruence with your core values your heart sings and it feels ‘right'.

Your life purpose is with you from the moment you are born. As a child you often follow it unconsciously. You are onto your life purpose when you are in your brightest energy, coming from your strenghts, you don’t think too much about it and it feels natural.

Your vision is a picture you have of a longing for your world. The stronger and clearer your vision, the more it will fuel your soul power.

When you motivate yourself through soul power it means you lead a fulfilling life and you exude joy out into the world. And you will find that 'fueling yourself through soul power' is much more sustainable, than through will power. My clients definitely experience that. So keep looking for those moments in life when it does feel easy and fulfilling: reflection on those moments might give you some answers, how to! Or..hire a coach to support you there..:-)

Do you choose to work fueled by soul power or by will power? I would love to hear your comments and/or ideas!


"I now have more insight into who I am, what I do and about my impact. Angelique has supported me in connecting things and she comes to the core very quick."

Allard M.

"I have been able to let go of my original scepsis about 'leadership'. Angelique had made me practice with my 'framework conditions' in service of my now transparant, good-functioning leadership"

Jan Jaap K

"Angelique helped me to regain confidence in myself and thereby confidence in the future. Already after 1 session she had me back on my feet, as I could experience my own power again. From there we could start to build."

Anja S.

"Angelique has the ability to hear the deeper layer underneath of what I am saying and gets to the core fast. She has helped me dissect the values and meanings that are at the basis of my decisions. "

Phyllis G.

"Angelique brings an intense yet light energy that is full of acceptance and possibility, not leaving things to luck but ensuring everything is tied and ready for whatever my next step is"

Marisa V.

"Angelique moves along with the flow, focuses on underlying psychological patterns and does not only teach you some 'tricks'. She supports you to get deeper insights and has heightened my consciousness about how to use my own (healthy) strengths. Her true enthusiasm and acknowledgements have supported me in believing in myself more."

C. Vos

"I have experienced Angeliques' coaching as supportive, inspiring, steering and engaging. Especially to make certain aspects expressed in different ways (with my body, with drawings, with metaphores, etc) has helped me a lot in creating structure in my chaotic situation. "